Our Services

    We are producers of professional theatre and specialize in using drama to coach and develop performance in various areas including Corporate Role-play & Drama Coaching.

    Corporate Role-Play + -

    We have twenty years experience in professional corporate role-play and real-play in UK and Asia Pacific covering a wide range of sectors including banking, human resources, law, police, social services, telecommunications and travel. Our professional role-players are equipped to adapt and flex their characters so that they are convincing and credible in roles covering various aspects of the corporate environment.

    Drama Coaching + -

    We help you to overcome performance anxiety and build your confidence levels and performance skills so that you can perform with ease and skill in front of your audience. We do this by using drama and role-play techniques to coach voice, movement and performance to enable you to make a strong and memorable impression on an audience. 

    Theatre in Education + -

    We bring classic and contemporary literature to life! 

    We adapt literature for dramatic performance to create immersive theatrical experiences that creatively engage with and explore the text, the individual, culture and society. Therefore gaining a deeper insight into the world of literature and how it shapes and enhances our lives.

    Theatre Production + -

    We produce professional, high-quality theatre. We engage and inspire our creative collaborators and audiences by making work that is challenging, stimulating, thought-provoking and entertaining.

    Voice-Over Talent + -

    Provider of professional voice-over and dubbing artists for different genres. Candice Moore is an experienced and versatile voice-over and dubbing artist.